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Our Advantages

Finding an appropriate childcare is a difficult task for every parent with small child– to choose between “free-play” concept and rigid adult-driven curriculum, between “small groups” and “large  facilities”  and  between  educated  early  childhood  teachers  and  part-time  carers. It becomes

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Our Activities

Children’s activities at Tinytots International Daycare & Preschool encompasses the overall goal for all-round development- social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creativity. Activities are structured in a consistent schedule while offering room for flexibility, depending on the needs of the children.

English speaking kindergarten/ Preschool Østerbro Copenhagen Denmark


Tinytots International Daycare & Preschool started its journey in 2013, originally from a playschool situated on Østerbro in Copenhagen. Over time, Tinytots opened other small centers across Copenhagen. Due to their infrastructural limitations, the small centers were eventually consolidated into newly

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