Practical Information

School year 2015-2016:

  • 6 months- 2 year old: DKK 10450 per month
  • 2-3 year old: DKK 10250 per month
  • 3-6 year old: DKK 8250 per month

Parents with CPR Number are eligible for subsidies from the kommune, depending on the kommune they belong to. Parents get full assistance from us in getting the subsidy from the kommune.Current subsidies from:

København (Copenhagen) Kommune:

  • 6 months-3 years : DKK 6402 per month.
  • 3-6 years : DKK 3897 per month.

Example:If you live in Copenhagen kommune and your child is 2.5 years old, your net contribution (school fee) will be DKK 3848per month. You will pay DKK 10250 to school and upon submission of receipt to kommune, kommune will pay you DKK 6402as subsidy.


  • 6 month-3 years : DKK 6,990 per month
  • 3-6 years : DKK 3,591 per month

If you have more than one children in the daycare/ kindergarten, you will receive additional “siblings-subsidy” directly from kommune

1. Payments are due on the first day of each month.
2. In the case of late payment of fees, a reminder will be sent out after 5 days. Each reminder will incur a cost of 250Dkk.
3. In the case of very late or consistent problems with payment, a deposit may be required to cover the last months of contract in order to keep your child’s place.
4. Tinytots International Daycare and Preschool retains the right to terminate the contract in event of failure to pay the school’s fees.
5. Please note that ALL transfers MUST quote your child’s name, month & location (For e.g. David December Viborggade). Failure to do so will result in a lack of reference and your payment will not be registered. Direct Debit is the easiest form of transfer and can be arranged through your bank.

To terminate the contract, the parent must give 2 months’advance notice. The termination should come in writing. When you hand in your notice to withdraw your child, you are obligated to pay an invoice for the last 2 monthsof your notice period.

1. We are open from 8.00-16.45 (Monday- Friday)
2. Late collections will be strictly monitored and will be charged at the rate of 125 per hour.

1. If your child is unwell, please keep his/her at home.
2. Should your child become unwell at Tinytots, his/her teacher will call and ask you to collect your child. Please respect the teacher’s decisions in this matter.
3. Medication such as children’s paracetamol or analgesics will not be administered, if your child is unwell he/she needs to rest at home.
4. If you child is staying home due to illness, then please inform us latest by 09:00 am by calling the respective center number provided to you at the time of admission.

1. The parent will inform the school by callingany delay or absence.
2. Only the parents or designated persons will be allowed to collect the child, unless the parent sends written permission in the morning detailing any changes.