Healthy eating

Healthy and nutritious food is a top priority for us, which is why we choose fresh ingredients and ensure a high content of vitamins and minerals in everything we prepare for the children. We know that eating healthy promotes well-being and better overall health, and is important for a child’s development, motivation, engagement, and ability to maintain concentration throughout the day.

At TinyTots International Preschool, we follow the recommendations from the Danish Food Authority for children aged 0-6, while also taking into account the environment and reducing food waste.

Breakfast: We serve fresh fruit, bread, cheese, butter, and milk.

Lunch: Three days a week, we prepare a warm lunch, while the other days we serve open-faced sandwiches or sandwiches. The children are presented with a variety of different foods. They eat the food because they sit together with their friends and experience that their friends think it tastes good.

Afternoon: In the afternoon, we serve homemade snacks to the children, such as oatmeal, porridge, yogurt, smoothies, fresh fruit, bread, cheese, and butter.

For us, it’s important that children are introduced to many different dishes and ingredients. We do this so they can discover and explore new flavors and develop their taste spectrum, and who knows, maybe even find a new favorite dish?

We also know that some children need to see new food many times before they’re willing to try new things. We understand this. We help children slowly introduce new foods at their own pace and present the foods again so they recognize them and eventually want to try them. We vary different fruits and vegetables to meet the need for different nutrients.

Healthy eating, physical activity, and fresh air help ensure natural hunger and appetite regulation.

For us, it’s important that children are involved in cooking, where they can see how dishes are prepared and learn essential everyday skills and techniques. We have regular cooking/baking activities with the children that help them learn different practical life skills like cutting, peeling, rolling, and kneading.

If your child has allergies or other considerations we need to know about, please let us know so we can adjust and find solutions that work for your situation.

We offer water and milk to drink during meals, and water between meals so children get enough fluids, with a focus on extra fluids, especially during the summer months.

We have no sugar and reduced saturated fats in the food we serve.

At our preschool, the meal program is a huge success as it serves as a common gathering point for the entire group of children. We all sit together, enjoy the food and have a pleasant conversation. During meals, we prioritize socializing and teach turn-taking, so that everyone learns to listen when someone wants to share something, while also learning to speak in a group.

For the development of our recipes, we have received help from clinical dietitian, Julie Petersen.

In both our preschools parents’ have the option of opting out of a healthy lunch meal and opt for a parent-arranged lunch arrangement. The decision is taken by a simple majority of parents who have children in the Private Institution. This option of opting out of a lunch meal is provided to the parents every 2nd year.