Tinytots Valby International Preschool Copenhagen DenmarkTinytots- Valby International Preschool has been approved as a Private Institution (English as the main language) in Copenhagen kommune (municipality) with effect from January 2018. Parents will pay only their contribution to school and school will get subsidy directly from kommune.

Sibling subsidy will be reduced from parent’s contribution.

We do not charge any admission fee or registration fee or non-refundable deposit.<

School fees (parent contribution) for 2020 :

Children from Copenhagen kommune:

6 months- 2 years 11 months: DKK 4375 per month

3 – 6 years: DKK 4200 per month

Children from Frederiksberg kommune:

6 months- 2 years 11 months: DKK 4375 per month

3 – 6 years: DKK 4600 per month

Parents from other kommunes or Parents without CPR number, please contact us to know your parent contribution

Refundable Deposit:

Three months of school fee is charged as deposit. The deposit is refundable when notice period is fulfilled by the parent.


  • What is the difference between “Privat Børnepasning” and “Privat Institution” in terms of receipt of subsidy

In “Private Børnepasning” parents pay the full amount of school fees to the school and claim subsidy from kommune. In “Privat Institution”, school gets the subsidy directly from kommune and parents need to pay only their contribution

  • How is my (parent) contribution calculated in Privat Børnepasning, if I am living in Copenhagen kommune

Subsidy for Privat Børnepasning from Copenhagen kommune for 2019 (Link) is as below:

Children under 3 years : DKK 6387 per month

Children over 3 years : DKK 3797 per month

Your contribution will be “school fees less subsidy from kommune”, for example:

School fees DKK 10500 (children under 3 years) : Parent contribution DKK 4113 per month

School fees DKK 8400 (children over 3 years) : Parent contribution DKK 4603 per month