Our admission offer is based on the Admission Waitlist

We like to keep the international nature of our daycare (nursery) and preschool (kindergarten); thus preference is given to children from different nationalities

We also prefer to keep a healthy balance of boys and girls in our groups

Priority is given for working parents who has urgent need and siblings of children attending any of our facilities

Complete “Admission Waitlist Form” online, one form per child you want to register and submit. Registration for admission waitlist is free of charge.

Tinytots International Daycare & Preschool receives your registration and your child is put on waiting list. It is important to notify the school ifyour contact details change.

When a space becomes available, you will be notified by the school. You will be given 5 (five) working days to accept or decline the space. Please note that once you decline the space, your registration will automatically be removed from the list, unless you specifically state in writing to keep your registration in the waiting list.

We have a long waitlist; however, due to international nature of our parents and our expansion projects, vacancy may arise. It is important to note that enrolment in Admission Waitlist does not itself guarantee a place as our admission offer decision follows the Admission Policy listed above.

Once you are offered a place at Tiny Tots, you will also receive a contract with all relevant details which must be completed and returned before the child care starts.Application of admission/ enrolment for Daycare/Pre-school (Kindergarten) is free of charge. We do not charge any deposit from parents. However, once the contract is signed and returned by parents, notice period should be followed for termination.